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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Warmth of Joy

Saw the smiles on their faces. Heard their on-going laughter. Felt the loving warmth in heaven. Oh, how I wish everyday will be like today. The chaos in the house does make everyone happy, especially Mama. Firhan's overjoyed because his brothers and sisters have been at home for the these past few days. He always give a count check to make sure that we're all here. It's funny to see him turning his head to the back, and then smiles as he sees all 4 of us there, walking together as a family. And when we're at home, he just stands in the middle of the hall, and create an entertainment of himself as he gets everyone's attention. How adorable. Well, that's my brother. :) However, these happy moments will end soon as school's term break and holiday(for my brothers) will be over in 4 more days. Mama and Firhan will be all alone at home. I really hope all these happiness can prolong, just as how an ideal family have.
*Firhan @ Changi Airport on 21st June 11

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