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Friday, June 24, 2011

Love Synchronies Pain

Do you remember, we used to say "Let's sleep together, now." Hahaha. It sounds funny when we said that. And, remember, sometimes we waited for each other to do our own stuffs first and then decided to go to sleep at the same timing after that. I wonder if other friends does that to their friends. And it's kind hilarious when we kept on teasing each other. Well, I can say that I miss all of those memories. Although I was too busy with my school that has really kept me being distracted from all of that, honestly, I yearn it. But oh wells.

Anyway, Chloe, Hidster and I, infact everyone in LRM year 1 are chasing their time to meet all the projects deadline. Saw most of them in school just now busy doing BCS, especially. It's the subject that kills me terribly. This 2 weeks of term break wasn't enough. Not only wasn't it enough for leisure but also there's no time to finish up our projects! TIME IS RUNNING OUT! I really wonder, and even until now, what did I actually do during my 1st week of the term break. Seriously! I don't even know what I did!! I barely remember anything. This shows how much time flies. How much time I've wasted slacking(I guess). Okay. I better stop blogging now and get my ass off to do Comm. Skill assignment. *Sigh. Adios. :D

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