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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The reason why I'm still up is because of my dad's biggest project that is happening on 26th June. I think not only did I strain my leg, but also my eyes! It's kinda heavy now, but thank God, I'm done with it. Hopefully he's happy with what I've done so far and please, I don't want to make any amendments. Basically, I'm just too tired! Having the hard time walking back from CP all the way to my house was really laborious. The stingy pain on my feet just got worst as soon as Chloe and I parted from Vivo. I could say that I look worst than how Mas Selamat limped. Suffering from the agony of that twinge, alone, was really terrible. At that moment in time I wished I could just collapse and wait for someone to carry me back home(like real). However, I gathered my strength eventually and managed to reach home safely. Thank God. Tried soaking my feet in ice, rub with the Ammeltz Yoko Yoko and even the Voren gel. It doesn't seem to be helping. I guess there's a need to seek for medical help if the pain still persists. Really, I wonder, why is this happening?
Anyway, although it was tedious walking around just now @ Ritz Carlton, I had fun with Chloe though. Phrase of the day: "Our eventful life." Chiaoz.

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