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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Oh. Great. Just great. Now Jenny is talking about the shifting house to Yishun. The thought of it was far from my mind ever since school start, but now? Talking about "neighbors" like him(we're just one road away), about how develop Seng Kang will be later, about how distant I will be with all my close friends. And oh, something way worse than that, how far my house will be from school. *Sigh. The ecstasy of moving to Yishun is slowly fading as I won't be able to celebrate the holy month in my new home. I'm not sure if I'm all excited for it anymore. Really. Having all the pessimistic thoughts is really horrifying. However, I've got to keep up with it. I've got no choice.
Jenny is asking if I've got bf. I paused for a moment. He just flattered me saying that I'm romantic and that I should have one. Hahaha. He just made me laugh hysterically. His annoying right? Okay okay. Got to turn in soon for gym tomorrow with Jenny. Adios.

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