You heard her story, you see her countenance, but you don't know the inner truth. Her views, her say, she limits it all 'cos there's always secrets to life.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A short story of a teenage girl that day

Something terrible happen at her house today. She doen't mean to say any evil thing, but she couldn't resist saying it. She came back at about 9.30pm and suddenly her two brothers started to quarrel. Today at 1.08am,12/12, her dad just came back from work. He woke them up and force them to get out of the house. He yelled at the top of his voice in the middle of the night and put then at a dark field, behind. Leaving them there and went up straight, locking the door up. He even blame her and her sis for not taking care of the family and stuffs!! WTH sey! He want to send them to a home, like chasing all of them away. He even said that it's like killing him having children like them. What she felt was that she don't mind staying at a home since that's what he wanted all this while. She understand how hot-tempered her dad is. All she gotta do is to be strong 'cos if her mum can enndure it for years, why can't she. She's letting him to decide what he want since he's the father. She will be praying hard. Praying things will change and get better. Especially the relationship between each other in the house. The patience she had all this while will still continue for the sake of her mum!

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