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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Eco-City Square SC

I'm very happy today!! Went to Eco City Square Shopping Centere at Farrer Park-a new mall. Went there with family, except for sis. Went to eat this Japanese dish called Ebi-Chicken Unagi. Didn't manage to take pictures of it. But the food is damn nice! Love the food there. It's at Banquet! Never seen that kind of dish at other Banquet outlet before. After our branch, went to shopping for Firhan clothes. Went window shopping. Love the clothes and stuffs there!!! I got a news! I went in this bata shop..After looking at some shoes, I looked up and there's an eye-to-eye contact with this sales guy. Hahas..I still keep on thinking about it..Don't know why...Talked to Nafie again at night and told him about it. He said..maybe love at first sight..hahas..LOL.. Anyway, will be going there again for some real shopping with my sistas!! Bye..will blog again soon>

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