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Friday, December 4, 2009


Back! Well today went to gym with my primary school friends, Donald and Zakir. It's been a long time since we met. we went to the new gym at anchorvale. The first time I see them, I was so damn jealous. They're like so tall. About 172-174cm!! I remembered that i was taller than Zakir, now??? Hahas..never mind. Started off running. I was embarrassed when suddenly the machine stopped(did something..hahas..). Continued for another 14mins then it stopped again for the second tym. Got frustrated so I decided to do the cycling thing for 15mins. Then did some muscle stretching and carry weight. Maximum 8kg. Damn heavy but I tried. Overheard some advice from the trainers there and try out the machines. Those who used to go to the gym at Hougang, now do go to the one at Anchorvale. It's so much better as compared to the one at Hougang. There's varities of machines there. After 2hours passed, we left. Zakir need to go for prayers, then Donald acc me all the way to Compass. Will be going there again. SOON!! Hahas..will also be going out with them soon watching movie. NEW MOON!!! TL!!!(loves!:D) We've also promise to be each other, gym/jogging/cycling date!! yeah!! Finally I have some friends to acc me and be my exercise date!! Hehes..well, eventhough we went out just for awhile, it's okae!! Hoping to meet again real soon. Good Luck and all the best for your N Level results guys!! :)

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