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Monday, March 4, 2013

This Is Life

Hi again.

Yes, I'm currently having my holiday and waiting for my internship to start on the 18th. And yes unfortunately for me, that's the day when Demi is coming for her concert in Singapore; my dream came true, well technically, not like as if i can go, but I do hope so. To ponder about it every single time is killing me! You know, when your favorite band/singer that you've been longing for her/him to come to your country and finally they came, you just keep jumping all day long. But then after hours of that excitement you then realize that you can never go to the concert. You tried so hard to think of excuses or alternatives such as leaving the company and sacrifice everything else just to see them. Well, of cos I'm not that stupid to do that. It's my future I'm talking about. So I made up my mind to work hard, yes, sacrifice by not going for the concert, I mean there's no way for me to get there in time. And then, save all the money and travel to U.S to see her. It's my dream and I want live it.

Talking abut dreams and ambitions, I kept thinking about my ambitions of being an air stewardess. Every single time I go to Changi Airport, I can never stop looking at the stewardess and my low self-esteem just knocks my head saying that I'm not on par. I mean I do not want to give up that dream cos it's like killing two birds at once. I can travel(which is my dream, i mean i bet everyone want to travel) and also, i can look pretty and have enough money to build a family of my own. Okay, maybe the looking pretty part doesn't really count. But honestly, i really want it. Then again, I'm not sure. I kept asking myself, what's the point of chasing that dream when you've studied so hard and get a tourism/business diploma?

Recently also, I have been cooking & baking a lot, like really A LOT. And then suddenly I came to the urge of thinking, why not I take up a Culinary Degree. Oh wait, I forgot to mention about the tourism degree in singapore. Another unfortunate thing for me (and other of my tourism mates) is that UNLV, a university in singapore that accommodates for tourism students, decided to back out. So that means, there's no such thing as TOURISM DEGREE. Yes. I'm telling the truth. So for you people who are deciding to take on a tourism course, think twice. Unless you have a lot of money, you can continue and take up an overseas degree. Not for me, I mean very unlikely. But then I saw this ad online and I felt like as if this is a good opportunity for me.

It's an international culinary institute in Switzerland.  Looking at the page I felt like as if I need it so much in order to succeed in my career. If there's no tourism degree, the closest I can go is to get a Culinary degree. Not sure if there's any in Singapore. Oh my, I'm really depressed thinking about all these. Is this how 20 year old people feel? Thinking, depressing about their life, their future, career, family, money etc? Haish. This is tough. Thinking about it is so much tougher than doing exams! But thank God I've got not much things to worry about except for the fact that I think I need to change my number for my own good sake as well as my car license. Well, I'm hoping.

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