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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Who Knows


I had fun today in school. Today presentation (ROM) went well. Our model eventually turned great in the room after it went through numerous obstacles of "tornado". Haha. Nothing fell apart. Alhamdullilah for that. And another good thing, I present without any script again! Ever since this semester starts, I have been practising to understand my PPT slides better rather than reading and memorizing them like what I did last semester. So YAY!

Completed them within 2 days!

Then guess who I met for iftar?! Of cos my dearest sister, Noruls! She cut her hair again! Grr. Haha. But it look great on her. Watched her soccer match VS TP and Amit was there to support his sister who was playing for NYP too. Thank God he was there to accompany me or I think I'll be bored and will be cheering for Noruls all by myself. But no. That did not happen. Amit was very funny! Didn't know he could make so many jokes on almost everything! And he is soooo an expert in computers and phone. (I'm going to get my NOTE soon, Insya'allah). After the match, N and I rushed to Tamp Mall for LJS (as promised) and thank God it wasn't close yet. Had our Great Value Meal and left. Then we decided to take the train so that we could spend more time together. And indeed we did, but it wasn't enough! Haha.

I'm so glad that I still have her as my friend. Who says I don't have good friends? Though I may not have so many friends around, at least I don't take advantage of them (as what I know) and that I don't make use of them only when I need them.

Not only do I have Noruls, I have Yong, Koh, Hid, Poh, Ang, Woo and Lim. They are the biggest clique that I ever have! Not forgetting the 6C's group which includes Clara and Rach as well as new chums; Mas & Fie. They are the best-est too! I'm blessed to have met such great people. Although each of them have different personality but every single one of them just gives the smile on my face (You light up my world like nobody else). Hahaha. I am really grateful, Alhamdullilah. :)

Fie & Mas. The only malay girls in the class. :)

But whatever it is, even if you have no one by your side, just remember, God is with you, Allah is with you. So don't ever feel that you're alone cos you never are.

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