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Saturday, August 4, 2012

One of The Best Doa

"Ya' Allah, don't let my life be in vain. Make me sincere. Give me hidayaah. Give me motivation to stay positive so that I may succeed. Don't let me die until I have given back all that I have consumed and then some. Don't let me die till' I've given my best effort towards the needy, the helpless and the oppressed. Don't let me die before I've completed my duties as a friend, a daughter, a sister and perhaps a wife and a mother. Give me the wisdom to forgive my enemies and those that have knowingly or unknowingly done me wrong. Forgive me for those that I've knowingly or unknowingly hurt. Don't let me die without the shahaada. Take my soul in the state of prostration. Give the same to the entire u'mmah. Ameen."

Alhamdullilah, I concurred my Music test today. Even though I accidentally overslept after having a short nap yesterday night, I was still able to absorb some things inside my head. I also skipped sahur! Haha. But it's okay. I survived although I almost fainted again in the bus when I was on the way home from school. Alhamdullilah, nothing happen.

Helped Mama with her kuih again and Abah helped to arrange the cookies in the container. Hahaha. So cute! My parents were very funny today. They were both "arguing" and I really like it. I like the way they make fun of each other. Just a simple happy family. Oh, forgot to mentioned. Yesterday midnight, we went a crazy shopping at Vivo. Had iftar at Barcelos then spent almost 1 hour in C&K for shoes and bags, then went Sephora, Best Denki (to buy iPod for Firhan). Then we decided to go to Giant but it was already close. It was like at 2300. Abah chose to go to Jurong Point afterwards but we doubt it will still open so where else can we go if it's not the 24hr shopping centre; MUSTAFA. After all the shopping done, with our numb and tired legs, we went home at about 0130. I know right.

Anyway today I watched this cerekarama: Taubat Nasuha. It was posted by Ain and since I had my free time just now, I went to watch. I totally break my fast cos I literally cried at the ending. But one good point, I learnt something:

"Hasbi rabbi jallallaah ma fi qalbi ghairullah. Noor Mohammed sallallahu laa ilaaha illallaah."

I got so addicted to this and it has been running in my head every single time. That's good! I believe. Cos I do not want to think of anything else other than Allah and my studies. That's all for today. May peace be upon you.

So attracted to hijab girls. 

Hadith of the day:

Life of sin makes one guilty, uneasy and stressful while a life of obedience makes one innocent, relaxed & empowered. You make the choice.

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