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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh So Fine

Started off with the usual 'Oh-so-boring Wednesday'.

Time past like a snail during ROM lecture and Accounting tutorial was so-so. A lot on theory, which I like! However I vomited at the end of the class. No idea why. Felt nausea and was in need of sweets but no one has it. So I held it and kept drinking water but it didn't work. Eventually ran out of the classroom and puke out whatever I ate during lunch. I know I'm not sick.

Slipped on my running shoes today and jogged about 2.4km or more. I lost count. But anyway, I suddenly had the motivation to start running again. Especially at night! Mama finally allow me to run at night or she would usually stop me because she's afraid I might faint. So weak of me. :( 
Never have I thought that I could run again because of my unhealed ankle. But I DID! And I'm so proud of myself. Though I did stop for like several time, but I think I made an accomplishment. My stamina was stronger this time round, and I have no idea why. Body's aching now, but I like that feeling. Still, I miss doing home workouts. Fastest way to burn fats! Hahaha.

Some people said that dreams are unreal. Some say they may come true. While others says they will turn out to be the opposite. I'm in bewilderment.


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