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Friday, December 23, 2011


Messy hair; after movie &; shopping with siblings

Played around with my hair

I'm not depressed, I'm just wondering where you have been

Currently listening to Superman by Joe Brooks. Was watching the whole of the season finale of X-Factor on Youtube, since I've missed a couple of the seasons already. Yesterday was awesome, went shopping with my brothers at Vivocity to buy their school bags and wallets. Before we left house, I decided to treat my whole family to Pizza, so I ordered and bought the Family deal promotion which cost $49.90. I ate only a slice because I already ahd 2 slices of pizza the day before during the advanced X'mas party with the girls.

So after our brunch we went to Vans where they had this promotion of 1 bag + 1 shoe = $70. Since I need a shoe and Firdaus need a bag, so we decided to check it out. To our dismay, they only had selected items and it's not to our taste. We left and accompanied Firman to buy his wallet from Zinc then went to Converse to buy their bags. Since we're there, I was kinda excited because I have always wanted to buy the black and white high cut shoe (see my wishlist). I asked the retailer but unfortunately they ran out of stock for that colour. Then we went all the way back to Compass Point just to find my shoe. Thankfully they have it but it's  size 7. 1 size bigger. :/ I had no choice but to buy it cos I've been waiting all these years, saving my money to buy that shoe! So finally I've got one for myself.

Then we headed back to Yishun at Northpoint to meet my sister. Yes, Camellia. Don't be surprised. We planned to watch Ghost Protocol: Mission Impossible. But before that we were quite lavish so we went to BBQ chicken to have our dinner, a super quick one cos we had to rush to watch our movie at 8.30pm. The dinner was on me since my sister treat us to the movie. Once we arrived the cinema, we bought the family deal of 2 large popcorns and 4 large drinks = $18. We shared and I accidentally spilled half of the remaining popcorn halfway thru' the movie. #embarrassing.

I know I spent really A LOT in just 1 day. But it's okay, ONCE IN AWHILE :) And oh, I'm very happy that Hwee Cheng like the gift. She was my santa baby anyway. Forget to take a picture of it, but I gave her 2 items. 1 of it is tis huge heart shape box filled with aromatic flowers from pears and rose and then I dumped in some hello kitty stuffs which I've been keeping for years (it's still in a very good condition though) with some key chains, beads, paper-made stars and straw-made heart shape. The 2nd item was the one that I had to rush to buy on that day itself, it's a hello kitty face mask which I bought from Watsons. She loves Hello Kitty anyway, that's why. Spent more than what is required, but that's okay. I'm a happy girl, so whoever is lucky, I might just spend my money for them. :D

That's it for now, I'm so worried for projects yet I'm just lying on my bed, slacking.... sigh.

May peace be upon you.

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