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Sunday, December 18, 2011


(I'm in the 2nd, 6th person on the left)
I'm in the 2nd row, 5th person on the right)
(I'm in the 2nd row, 2nd person on the left)
Afhlul in NPCC Uni and Me in Band Uni
May peace be upon you. I'm sorry if I suddenly spammed my old secondary photos. I had a conversation with my old mate who sat beside me in 2010. And he is Afhlul!! It's the guy in his NPCC uniform standing beside me. (just above this) Well, initially wanted to talk to him on Mubin's phone on Friday (bowling day), but I think it wasn't fated because the line kept cutting off. Afhlul came online and chat with me. He totally made my day. This was part of our convo:

Afhlul: I was like thinking about you. And the friends you get will be damn lucky.
Me: Lols. Why would they be so lucky?
Afhlul: I don't know how to say. But you're like the MUST HAVE friend type.
Then I told him how he made my day and how I felt too and he continued...
Afhlul: How I wish I was in the same class with you since Sec 1. I'm sure we will be damn close!

How can I not go "Aww!!!" so many times! Oh my. This boy sure does miss me. Haha. He did anyway. He was the one who always disturbed me in class. He's the chairperson anyway. Always the shy guy in front of a crowd but a devil when it comes to disturbing people. Just kidding! But really, I miss him! And I miss everyone! I always have this dream where we all go back to our classroom, but not in our school uniform  of cos and we're all seating in our original seats talking about how we are doing and all. OMG!! It will be so much fun! Sigh, how I wish it happen. Well, not everyone is that excited when it comes to reminiscence. Because some have chose to hold more bad memories than the joyful ones. It's okay. Whatever it is, it's etched in my mind and I will keep dreaming about it. Anyway can you see the differences in my look? I'm not sure whether I've actually lost or gain weight. Haha. But you should see my Sec 1 and 2 photos. I look damn skinny where my neck bone is like literally protruding out. I don't have it in my laptop though. That's it for today. (I'm coughing terribly right now after stuffing 2 squares of  Cadbury black forest chocolate in my mouth because I was depressed for a minute). Need to go to school tomorrow for my Bguides thingy for freshies next year. Can't wait to see how these wannabes will be. Hehe. Good night all. ❤ 

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