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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Behind the Face

Yesterday's picture

After workout, fatigue face!

Assalamualaikum (Peace be upon you)

I just had my 30 minutes workout variations with I feel totally great yet exhausted. Kinda feel a lil giddy, but it's okay, I'm ALIIIIIVE! 

Today news was so hectic about the SMRT as well as the incident of an injured man at Seng Kang MRT station. Super chaotic. I'm not gonna blabber about that cos there's something else that is more hectic which directly affected me and my school mates. 

Well, today TP students had to make their preferences for CDS next year. Of coure, being a typical Singaporean, a very kiasi one, I woke up at 9.40am just to get ready to be one of the first to submit my choices. The CDS selections starts at 10am and it is through the online student portal. We will get our CDS based on first come first serve. So of course, I was damn kiasi and wanted to really get the choice of my CDS. I even viewed the synopses yesterday night and typed it down in my notepad so that the next day I can just copy and paste. But then, guess what. I woke up so early and wasted 45 minutes after the selection starts. The problem was that it was lagging. Literally, LAGGING like.... Because there's thousand of students entering the portal at the same time to make their choices as well. What can I say, typical Singaporean, just like ME! I was kinda pissed off because those who went online later than me managed to submit their preferences first. I heaved a sigh here and there in twitter and thankfully one saviour came to my rescue to help me submit. It was Amanda. Yes, you must be wondering who she is cos I  have NEVER mention about her before. She's my vice-chairperson. A very pretty and slim lady who loves to tickle me. Thanks to her, my preferences was finally submitted at like 10.45am. This is what I chose:
  1. Transnational Studies (TNS)  (Vacation CDS)
  2. Music: Expression & Application
  3. Freehand Drawing
  4. Introduction to OTC Medication
  5. Human Health & Disease
  6. 20th Century Fashion
I really really really hope I can get in the TNS because we can sleepover at Temasek Green with our group mates. It's like camping, AND I MISS CAMPING. The last time I had one was during 2010's Band Camp. Of cos other than that, it's more about learning all the different culture. Guess what, a lot of my classmates put that as their choices. So if we all get in, then it will SO MUCH FUN! I also chose some APS subjects cos I miss Science. I used to hate Science in Primary school but once I stepped into Bartley, I suddenly devote my love towards the subject. It must be because of Mr Sng. Hahah. I wonder when I will visit Bartley again. Hmm...

Finally, I want to show how cute my new scheduler is. It's the one in orange with a white house at the background. Behind that scheduler is my new diary. I love the cover. It's so beautiful!! And those stickers..well not sure whether I'm gonna use it but  I bought just for the sake of having cute stuffs just like my scheduler. I was in a happy mood to shop. I bought these items yesterday before I went out for bowling. Bought at Northpoint at some open sale shop. And all of it cost $16. (Oops!) Initially I saw it with Chloe after our Macroecons paper and wanted to buy it but we were broke. Being all excited, I eventually bought it! I'm a happy girl. Haha. :)

And oh, this is the finished drawing of the skyscraper. Took only about 30 mins to finish up the rest and another 15 mins to redraw in marker. I was running out of ink and had to dig out my sister's marker in her drawer. Thank god she has it. Sshh, don't mention it to her okay? Hahah

That's all for today. Assalamualaikum.

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