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Monday, July 25, 2011

Too fast for me to hold on!

A very unexpected news! And a dramatic one. FYI, I'm having a very hard time to type right now. Well, basically, what happened??

As usual, I woke up in the morning at 6.30 and took my shower. I was about to finish before I brush my teeth. Just when I took a few steps forward towards the showering tap to fill water in my mouth, I instantly fell. I even tried to run like a hamster to get myself up so that I won't fall. But then, I realize I was already lying flat on the floor. Shockingly, I landed on my right elbow! I, myself don't know why out of so many parts of my body, my right elbow just came into contact with the ground first. Don't think that I'm safe! Cos I wasn't!

Thank God Mama was in the kitchen. And just went she heard the loud thump on the ground, she screamed and asked me if I was okay. I could hear her voice rambling as if she was about to burst into tears. I didn't reply cos I literally couldn't get myself up. Then she got more panicked and threw lots of questions at me. I cried out loud and said that I couldn't get up and I totally can't move my right arm. She told me to try again (well she can't get into the toilet because it's locked!). So I gathered all my strength and pushes my heavy body up using my feet and my left hand, and that's when I felt the super stinging pain on my elbow.

Mama carefully wrapped my "freezing" body and woke Abah up. He then hastily called the (not the ambulance of cos!), cab. Drove to CGH and got treated and consulted. Doctor said that there's a fracture. Now my right hand is suffering. It's suffocating from the plaster and the cast that's enveloping it tightly. Oh dear! I'm troubling everybody around me! Im eating with my left hand. I can't write. I can't put on clothes on myself. So many things that I'm being limited off! I'm sorry friends, I'm sorry Mama and Abah. Thousand apologies for troubling you guys.
However, I'm really thankful to God! Thank God, it's just my right elbow and not my spine or my head. If not, I will either be paralyzed or have concussion! And thank God Mama already woke up if not I would probably faint in the toilet! Alhamdullilah. Pray for me guys! I want to recover quickly!! Exams are coming and I do not want to lose out in the end.

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