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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


"Kata-kata cinta hanya dalam novel..."-Ronnie from Embun

Anyway, I have already sat for 2 of my mid-term test. I could feel that huge amount of pain in my head. Every time the stress strikes, I just feel like banging my head on the wall. Seriously! OB was tough as there are a lot of theories to remember. MicroEcons was tough as well, as there are so many graphs and formulas which are almost similar. Alas, for MicroEcons paper today, it was terrible as I didn't manage to finish my paper! That 1 hour was seriously not enough! Grr! Wattage of the paper is 100, and I've wasted 12 marks for not completing some of my questions. Well, hopefully I didn't make a lot of mistakes. My last paper is on Thursday and that is RHT. And, unfortunately for this module, there's so many steps to remember. *Sigh. Life is really tough.
Oh, not forgetting, thank you Hidayah Lubis. I love the jumpsuit. It's beautiful. Love you. Muah!

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