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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh, to be young and worry-free

Reading Cecily von Ziegesar. Ouh, who cares who the author is. Anyway, I've got 4 books in my room now, staring at me, waiting to get my hands on them. But currently, am "obsessed" with Gossip Girl- You're the one that I want. Two more chapters to go and I'm all set for And Then I Found Out The Truth by Jennifer Sturnman. Well, like what Chloe said, basically all the books that I've borrowed are all about teen's problems. Love life, college, friends and many more. That's just what interest me.
Today's test? Entered the room. When the invigilator went to adjust the air-con, I noticed, some lip-whispering, and they went: "Oh my God! How to do that question?" and then the others went: "I also don't know!!" I could see how theatrical their expression were. It's like there's a stamp on their face saying "I'M DOOMED!" Fee Fie Foe Fum! I could smell tears of disappointment. And as for myself, " comments." But prayed that I can score well for all the papers.
After the paper, we weren't sure whether to rejoice or feel upset. Rejoice because that's our last paper. Upset because we didn't think we put our best effort for all the papers. We were bewildered. Went to Tampines library to borrow some more books. And Chloe thought of getting something sweet. And I said that I felt like eating Auntie's Anne. Surprisingly, Chloe had the same thought as well. So we grabbed our pretzel and Chloe bought an additional "sweet stuff"- KOI. Till then, we meet again, soon.

Let's check it out. Check out his vest. His vest? Check out his boots. His boots? Check out his hair. Check out his items? Check out his attitudes. Attitudes? Check out his bre-ath! "Ouhkay, I'm leaving!" Haha!

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