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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gooood Morning!

This is the first time ever, I'm writing a blog in the morning! I'm supposed to be sleeping soundly now, BUT! Chloe kept on text-ing me. And damn! My ringtone was super loud. Well it's kinda chaotic today as the CDS selection(extra subjects) will be opening @ 10am. And everyone will be rushing in to select their subject choices. She's in school now and will be having her SA orientation @ 9+. So basically she needs my help, but the thing is that she haven't even decide her choices yet. Irritating or not this girl? Haha. Head kinda heavy now but I don't think I will be able to sleep back. Didn't get a good sleep yesterday though, in fact hours ago. Managed to get like only 5 hours of sleep. *Yawn yawn. I guess karma hits me today. :(
Anyway, these are the subjects that I've chosen:

1) Freehand drawing (DES)
2) Intro to language and culture(japanese) (HSS)
3) Understanding Art (HSS)
4) Music:Expression & Application (HSS)
5) Colour & Composition (DES)
Hopefully I can get my first 2 choices. *Praying hard. I just need some drawing to do in Poly. Add colors in my life puh-leeeese!
Chiaoooz :D

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