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Monday, June 27, 2011


Today is the first ever Monday blues that I've got. I'm all drained out of energy. Eyes barely open throughout the whole day in school. Took the opportunity to sleep, I mean like in a deep slumber, during OB lecture when the lecturer showed a video on Groupthink(28mins vid! How long can that be!) After that had OB tutorial and I could honestly say that I've already switched off my brain until...Mr Chew gave our OB term test paper back to check our marks. Guess what?! I've pass. Alhamdullilah. That's the only time when I got wide awake. Then, had to stay in school 'till 3+ to finish up our FILA chart. We were quite productive today as we managed to complete it(almost actually). But oh, Chloe said I was very quiet. My fatigue-ness just disfunction my whole brain. The late night sleep to finish up the projects are already killing me. I need the energy! Ah gosh! Thought that I can sleep a little earlier today, but my brothers have already started schooling. That means, the chores are back! How I wish I can just hire a domestic helper to do all the house chores at home so that everyone in the house doesn't need to do any housework. Adios.

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