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Sunday, April 3, 2011

You're just like those other guys.

I know, crying over for guys isn't worth it all. But eventually we girls do it anyway. It's like a stress relieving for us to let those tears flow. If no one is there for us at that moment in time, the only way is to just cry out. Well, I seriously hate it when guys give girls hope. At the very beginning, things always seem to be so perfect. From there, we, girls hope. Hope for he is the one. Hope that things will be good between them. And eventually grow feelings for him. This is the reason why girls and guys shouldn't get close. We are from the opposite sex. For sure, somewhat, feelings grow. But WHY? Why must they always give us the hope, if in the end it hurt us in anyway. Don't they know that our heart is fragile??

Always feeling anxious waiting for his msges.
Heart beats rapidly whenever we received a msg, thinking that it's him.
Spend hours on the laptop, waiting for him to go online.
Check our phone, see if we have miss his msg or calls.
Heart raced when someone goes online and pop out of our screen, thought that it might be him.
He went online, and wait and wait for him to start the conversation first.
Spend time to time clicking to his wall, check if he updates anything.
Go through all his photos even though we've seen them before.

These are the things that we girls have wasted our time, our lives. For we actually have better things to do. Hoping so much for a guy which we thought would bring us the happiness, turn to be just like those other guys out there, trying to fool us, collecting their jar of hearts and teraing love apart. SERIOULSY! Why do they even start??

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