You heard her story, you see her countenance, but you don't know the inner truth. Her views, her say, she limits it all 'cos there's always secrets to life.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Life's Changing

New beginning again for a new year. From the movie~Just go with it, to USS~Snap Snap to the dinner~Vintage. Everything seems to be perfect but I know whatever I wished will never happen. And so, I'm not gonna hope. Let God lead me the life, bring me the fate and decides the life that I'm going to live in. Because the more I hope, the more terrible things will pop out. Plus it will all be a De Ja Vu again. Heart feels uncomfortable after that terrible night incident. I felt super embarrassed. Why was I so big headed? I wish I had the opportunity to turn it back, but this is reality. No such thing as a time machine. :( If I just were to pick up his call, I'm sure that night won't happen. I'm sorry. Really, I can't forget that night. I'm sorry. I am really sorry. Even though you forgive me, but it's hard for me to forget about it.

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