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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

3rd November

Our cake(class photo printed!)

After Sentosa

Outside Vivo-nice view!!

Me, Eymard, Jasvin

Samantha, Me, Deana, Eymard

3rd November

Wake up at 8, meet up with Dunstan and Jasvin at Compass, then went to Habourfront(our venue). Arrived at 10 sharp, no one was there. Call people up, then waited for the others. At about 11.30 we left and went to Sentosa. Everything was prepared-food, drinks, mat, tent, games, etc.

After everyone arrived, we started off by playing a game, a very simple game but need lots of concentration. Forefeit was: Break an unboil or boiled egg or eat a sandwhich spread with wasabi and salt. After playing for a few rounds, we got changed and played in the sea. Caught a small jellyfish and put it in a cup. It was cute, but eeewww.. Played Human and Bone and got ourself tanned and tired. But it was fun. The sea became low tide and dirty, saw school of fishes. Me, Cat and Eymard tried to chase after it, but couldn't manage to catch it 'cos they're too fast. We played another round of Human and Bone, poured flour onto each other facs and body.

Then, at about 5 plus, we washed up and got changed. Something bad happened after that. Not gonna say, 'cos i feel really guilty!! So sorry. You will know who you are. After washed up, got onto the tram and went back to Vivo. Cut a cake-it was nice and beautiful(Thanks to Cat). Took a few photos infront of the big christmas tree(103 ft.) then headed to Banquet to have our dinner. Javin, Nurul and I went off from there.

Jasvin needed to go home, so i went with Nurul. Accompanied her to meet someone(Mr Red!!) Hahas..okok, then went home. Home sweet home @ about 10 plus. I really enjoyed the outing. Just a lil thing went wrong. :)

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