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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy and Sad Moments

Some pictures of Firhan after 1 mnth. He's cute isn't he? Hahas..
Description of each pic:
1) He like to stretch, wave his hands up and down and kick real hard. That's the reason why my mum always need to go to the hospital. hahas.. Wonder what will he become in future??
2) He's favourite position to lie down. I like that pic the most!! Super cute!!
3) He was actually smiling with his squinting seems like he's laughing..hahas..
4) Last pic, trying to make fun..putting his tongue out..lick! lick!..

I'm glad that he's doing fine. Just waiting to hear him laughing. :) Will try to put more pictures after each month.. See his progress..hahas.. :)

For myself..i'm actually doing great too. Had real fun at job. Friendly collegues:), but this coming monday need to work full-time:( from 9.30 to closing hours..haish..but never mind. Need to work hard..hehes.. Besides that, I am still waiting. I just don't know why. The upset and heart-breaking feeling is still there. Like DUH!! I mean, it's not easy for me to just forget about it that easily. Why can't you see that I'm the one who understands you and been here all along? I remember that I was the one who you can trust and I was the one you choose!
I just can't believe it's over! Is it over?? I rubbed my eyes and scratch my head. Didin't sleep that whole night just wondering what actually happen-in the past and now. I promise myself and told myself that i will never repeat the same thing to you, and I had no regrets having you back, as long as we both have the love for each other. But it's gone now! Who will be there for you now? Will there be someone else who understands you like how i did? When I'm gone, who will you lean on? Will there be someone else praying for you? And who will you share your moments with when there's no me?

There's a say saying "Love him moderately or later he will hate you. Hate him moderately or he will love you." Is this true? I don't know...

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