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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Boredom's Over!!!

My prayers have been answered!! Yeah!! Alhamdullilah. I got a new job. Thanks to Allah and also Jansen. :) Eventhough the pay is lower than my previous job, it's so much better. The job is really easy and quite slacking. Well, wanna know what I'm working as now?? Hahas..will tell you.
Yesterday(23/11/09), I went to Compass with Jansen and asked him to acc me to his job place, which is TimeZone, to ask for vacancy. I was damn lucky yesterday, 'cos all the "head" were there. The manager, and two supervisors were there. So, I asked the manager and were told to fill in the job application form. The minute I stepped out of Compass, the manager called me and inform me to come for training the next day. I was put at Tampiness One, and was told to report to the supervisor(Azri) at 9.15am! Jansen was so kind enough to acc me to my workplace.

Today(24/11/09), woke up at 8 and bathe. Gave Jansen wake up call @ 8.30. Left house at 9. Met Jansen at the void deck and went straight to Tamp 1. I was late but luckily the supervisor didn't say anything. Jansen used the time to play arcade all the way till 12 plus, then left. I got changed with the T-shirt given and name tag. Assistant supervisor, Farhayu, taught me the basics on the cashier. Did some cleaning before the shop opens. I was lucky being put at Tamp 1 'cos there's not much people as compared to Compass. Got 1/2h break, talked to Rizal(adek/bro), and continued working. Left early today @ 4.30. Today's job was easy, basically just cashering. Tomorrow will be a lil harder. Doing servicing-technical stuffs. Just praying that everything will be fine. Gonna have my pay in two weeks time and then gonna buy stuffs!!! Hahahs..YIIIPPEEEE!!

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