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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's happenig now?

It's going to be two weeks. The first week was okae. But this week,something seems wrong. I really don't know why. Haiish...Never mind,just not going to think pessimisticly anymore. I was wrong the previous time. I hope it's not a bad one this time round. Well, gotta accept this situation that I'm facing now. Just gonna keep waiting. 192 dys left. Got to endure and persevere it all through. Hoping that the result will not be what I didn't expect it to be like. Urgghh!!!! Forget it for now. I started to do some stuffs just to endure this thing.

Stil recovering from my sick. That cough just don't go away..irritating!! I tried my very best to get out from my bed(my head had been spinning these days). Then out of house, finding jobs. Boredoom!-shaking legs at home plus thinking stuffs which making me depressed!! I went to find job today(191009). Was alone all the way. Left house at 12 and went to Tampiness. Went to all three malls at tamp, had no choice but to went into one of the restaurant i went in during the june holidays to find a job. Manager wasn't there, so had to fill in the application form. Left and went to AMK Hub. Nothing there! Was a waste of time. Tried finding at Compass, nothing there either. Went home after that. The next job hunting will be on Wednesday,alone again. Going to PS, town, yishun..hmm..where else..?? This holiday is making me learning something. BE INDEPENDENT, GURL!!

Besides the job hunting, going to start some exercises. Gonna buy dumbell($19.90!!). Want to have that Miss Liao's shape!! Wanna start my Yoga back. Really need a relaxing holiday. Wanna go gym plus jogging. Well,doing all this alone 'cos friends are busy working, holiday-ing mood,etc. Err..him,obviously can't.

Lastly,going to the Old Folks Home at Jamiyah. Doing volunteering work. Met some new friends there(CSOs and volunteers). They're friendly. Wanna get even more C.I.P points..hahas..(stingy!!)

Well that's all for today's update. Blogging back soon!
Loving you till the end. No matter what happen, i don't believe in excuses. Believing is conviction.

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