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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Patience is all you need gurl!!
Hey there. It's mid august. Fasting month has started. Has to be very patient and got to control my mood. At times when things isn't rite, i started to flare up and show my mood to everyone, even to him. I felt wrong and guilty. But at times he did that to me too.. It's okay la actually. I don't mind. Alot of people are like that. They just need someone to be their listener and they will be alrite. Letting things out to their love ones can really lessen the burden they have. I'm not sure exactly if he's hiding his problems from me. But hey, who am i?? You might not want to share your burden with me,but then who is sharing it with you?? Keeping it all to yourself won't work. Gotta let loose of it my dear. It takes time for us to understand each other. I bet there's still alot more for me to know abt you. In relationship, there must always have conflicts. It is not as perfect as we think. But remember wateva happens we must keep each other strong and not to just let it go just like that. I know i've made a mistake last time. Just don't want it to happen again this time round.

Someone said: Never ever say your life ends now and wants to give up cos' you can actually overcome it. God purposely give you that problem and know your strength to it. That's why in life everyone face lots of obstacles. God is the one who create us. HE knows what you can do to overcome that particular problem. So don't ever give up people!! Move on and persevere!!

Best wishes to all my dearest friends who are taking their 'N' levels this year, and also to him who's taking his exams soon. Good luck for your future endeavours!!

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