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Friday, April 25, 2014

1/2 Thru' 2014

What it seems like forever. Hi there.

I really have no idea why I stopped writing. Time was on me all these while and I always wished my brain can automatically transfer my thoughts here. Oh wait, i don't think that's a good idea. You may never know, some things are better not said, right?

Well, life has definitely make me a different person now, maybe not someone which I wished I become, not yet matured (as some might said), but I would say many things have changed and developed. But before I go rambling on my life, I want to say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to myself because I GRADUATED! I couldn't feel any ecstatic, really.

Okay now, moving on. I have met many lovely people within the past years when I went missing from blogspot. And this lovely person includes my one and only one, Abdul Rasid. I have never experienced such relationship with an older guy like him but I would say, I appreciate how maturity brings me to who I am now. Apart from the love of my life, I became closer to some and may have create some foes or should I say, didn't really impress everyone else. Not gonna say about those cos it's not interesting, trust me.

I am now waiting for my University application at SIM and i'm really praying that I can get in, inn shaa Allah. The only reason, or maybe one of the reason why I wanted to continue pursuing my education was because of my parents and also to prove my relatives that I can do it!

I will never forget what someone did to my family who criticize us because of our poor financial. Never forget! Hence, it made me realize that this gives me an opportunity to do whatever i can to show to everyone that no matter how your family's financial crisis are, you should never give up on trying to do what you can to make your family proud. That includes either through education or success in anything else.

I think my thoughts are drained out now. To be honest, while I'm typing this, I feel like I'm in gossip girl, but just without the gossips. You know what I mean? Heh.

Goodbye for now, and god knows when else I will write again. Bye bye.

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