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Monday, August 13, 2012


Assalamualaikum. Peace may be upon you.

I am stopping for awhile from my reflection paper. I couldn't continue cause I'm stuck with the type of formality that they're asking for. So let's pause for awhile there.

Anyway I have been browsing FB blog shops and I saw a lot of pretty clothes. So tempting to buy. This time round it was weird. I mean, my thoughts were weird. Maybe it is a good thing. The questions that usually went through my mind when I see blog shops would be:

"What can I match them with?"
"Is it too short?"
"Is it worth it?"

This time round, the same questions went through my head BUT with additional thoughts;

"Can I wear this with hijab?"
"Are they tight fitting?"
"Will my hijab be able to cover all the open areas?"

Yes. I have been thinking a lot about wearing hijab real soon. Insya'allah. With the guidance of Allah, I hope I can open up my heart to wear it. In fact, I need to wear it. It is a must for all muslimah to wear to cover themselves.

And also, I got so mesmerised when I see all the beautiful girls who wear hijab. Look at the photos below. Masya'allah.

I want to look like this when I got married. Hehe.

True beauty, I would say.
I want to have friends who are like this.

Beautiful aren't they. I don't want to care what others think or say. I just want to do what is right. I really pray that I won't change my mind. And really looking forward to how I can please Allah with the change I've made. Insya'allah. :)

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