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Friday, May 4, 2012

Singaporeans Can Be Nice People!

I'm back, for now. Just wanting to update this pathetic blog of mine. Seriously I think I'm getting unhealthier each day, especially this year. Has been falling sick now and then and my fainting problems seems to be coming back. I was a victim of fainting back then during primary school days but I have no idea why it is back now.

Recently, when I was on my way to school in the bus that incident happened to me but Alhamdullilah I didn't cause any trouble in the bus. I was standing because obviously 969 is always packed with people. And I was squeezed by these 2 people, 1 ITE girl and one male student. Our shoulders are really touching each other and I barely can move because once I fidget they will get irritated. So I just stood still all the way and I was perspiring like mad. I DO PERSPIRE A LOT!! Then upon reaching Sengkang area, I started to yawn 5 time consecutively, IN A ROW WITHOUT STOPPING. I found it very weird then suddenly my perspiration increases. I sweat even more and then my focus became blur. I could see stars so I decided to close my eyes and pray. Then when I opened my eyes, it got worse. How is it possible that I could feel like fainting in the bus??

I could feel how weak my body started to get and my hands that were holding onto the pole, it felt like letting go as my eyes started to close due to the stars I saw. I told myself not to cause I do not want to cause any trouble in the bus. Then I felt nausea but I controlled cos I don't want to embarrass myself in the bus. Plus, I do not have any plastic bag to throw up. I couldn't imagine myself just letting go of my hand and lie down in the bus, maybe falling into someone's hand or maybe, they don't even bother but to let my head falls on the ground.

Then I decide to squat, no matter how much attention I would get by doing that. I shut my eyes close and try to breathe through the air beneath. I thought everyone would just look at me in bewilderment but then one man, who was sitting in front of me tapped my hand and told me to sit at his seat. I slowly get up and sat. He was so kind. I do not know how to repay his kindness but to thank him and pray for his blessings. Not only did he gave up his seat for me but he even fanned me because I think he saw that I was very pale and was sweating like mad. There were a lot of people giving me those glaring stares but I couldn't care less because my head was really spinning. I was really thankful to that man because my dizziness subside once I sat down.

Upon arriving Tampines, he allowed me to alight first before him and before we depart, I thanked him once again and he even said 'be careful and take car of yourself!' HOW NICE??

I guess I misjudge Singaporeans. Singaporeans can really be very kind and caring. I'm not sure if all of us will do what that man did but I'm glad to have someone giving up that seat knowing that I wasn't feeling well. THANK YOU! I wish I had that yellow flower to be given to him. And guess what, that man's face is still vivid in my mind. I'm very grateful and I hope other Singaporeans, even myself can be considerate and show kindness to everyone.

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