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Monday, March 5, 2012

Dinner @ Sakura

Greetings everyone! So today, I went to Downtown East with my family to eat at.... 

Sakura International Buffet Restaurant!!

Yay! I was so excited. Initially I was at home with my sister, my parents and Firhan. My other 2 brothers had school so we were just slacking at home doing our own stuffs. My mum thought that Camellia had school, but she didn't. So she decided to head to Sakura Buffet for dinner if my brothers comes home early. They did, that's why we went there! Why there? About a few weeks ago, my parents brought us to the normal Sakura restaurant where there isn't any buffet. I was very disappointed because I wanted to go to the buffet one. When we arrived at Buangkok  (the normal Sakura), I asked my parents why we didn't went to  the bigger one. Then they said, "NEXT TIME". So that next time apparently came today. :) I was obviously elated and over the world because as I always said, "My cravings are always satisfied!". Alhamdullilah. So we snapped a few photos. And obviously the first photo will be with Firhan!

This is his new smile, pushing his lips to only one side. It's like his smirking! 

Ooo aah. We got huge eyes. Yeah right! Mine is fake because of my contact lenses!

So, here comes the photos of the gastronomic food!

Mine. I know it's a lot! I was lavish and I managed to finish that whole plate by myself. Teehee!

Shabu Shabu
This is the best shabu shabu ever although my dad knows how to make them. But oooh, they are so tender!

Camellia's dish

Both Firdaus's & Firman's



My parents. Don't my dad look fierce? Haha!

My siblings. Yay! Huge family. I know!

Firhan decided not to take any more photos already. He was tired of all the snapping!

Then we went shopping! O la la~

This is my eyeshadow for today. I used NYX ES 148 in Daisy( the gift that I got from Sara), gold and dark olive colours in Silky Girl  Blockbuster Colour Palette.  This has so far been my best make up ever. :)

And I'm home.

Last pic before I removed my contact lens. I really need to change to a new one. It has been months!!

That's all for today. Have a good night everyone.

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