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Monday, July 18, 2011

Never Be Too Ecstatic

Damn! Monday was horrible! Oh gosh! I can't believe we like ran around the whole school just now. I'm not talking about some kind of marathon or anything that's in your head right now, but it's about doing some really really last minute work. It's our submission for Communication Skill project. Actually we went for the consultation like last week. We were really happy that Mr Ramesh didn't comment much about our report and he seemed satisfied with our work(I guess). We saw like how other groups' report were practically cancelled with red ink for a lot of their charts. As for ours, he DIDN'T even cancel anything! However, all this stress-relieving was totally not relieving AT ALL when we got to know that the submission was at 12 pm sharp! And guess what time our classmates inform us about that info? 11.50am! What's more, it was during our OB lesson! Basically, after we heard that info, we dashed instantly to the library to print. (Didn't care much about the OB lesson as Comm. Skill is so much important at that period of time) And guess what! Only Hids brought her matrix card. So she went in alone. But eventually can't find the printer. Then she passed her matrix card to Chloe and then another problem. The printer was in used, stated, 36 documents waiting! OH MY GOD! How terrible can our lives be?! Then suddenly Hids took out her ez-link and her IC. Didn't know that we can use that to enter the library! SO we went in and went to search for another printer. Again, another problem arrived. The computer can't open my file! We were so frustrated and eventually went to the bookshop (I swear it wasn't near), and bought like I think 50 pieces of paper so that we can print in the lab. So we went and print, all done! Don't think that we are done with all that and had no problems after that! We realized there were 2 problems after we printed: No page numbering AND the content table page numberings were all not aligned! We heck it and just drop the freaking report into Mr Ramesh locker. Guess how long we took overall? 1 HOUR!!! 1 hour late for our report submission! Mr Ramesh must be disappointed in us! Haish :( Karma beats it all!

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