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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weird and stressful day

Seriously, I don't know why, but I realized that I'm super calm and patient today. I was totally famished when I got home as I only had 1 meal in school, which is my brunch. 'Cos usually in between lectures/tutorials or during break time, I will tend to buy snacks to munch. But... not today. I ate laksa(which my mum cooked ytd). It was plainly just the noodle with gravy. No fishcakes, no cucumber and what's worst, NO BELACAN! How can I eat laksa with no belacan??!! :( I may seem to be blabbering about stuffs like this, but if I'm hungry I will go on complaining, especially eating food that isn't spicy!! HOWEVER! Today, I should say, I was quite calm. I didn't show my attitude or show faces like as if I have no mood. And oh, not forgetting, my lappy that has been responding super slow lately, and I'm not sure why!?!? Usually, I will keep on spamming my keyboard and mouse, clicking it repeatedly until it got the whole system to lag. Hahahaha! But again, as for today, I was patiently waiting for it to S L O W L Y load. What just got into me man?! Maybe it was because my mum helped me with the house chores today? I don't know :/

Oh. Not forgetting about how stress my group members and I were, just now, doing the RHT project. During our 3 hour break, we actually squeezed our thoughts for the project thinking that there is a need to include the OB Theories for the first question. The question is: "Identify 2 reasons why students had pursued a polytechnic education @ the school of business,TP in relation to their future career." We spent like 3 hours just to do this 6 marks question. And guess what? When we got stuck, concluding the answers, which is already 1 and 1/4 of the page, we called our tutor for help. When we told him what we wrote, he simply said that we did it wrongly! All of us were like "Whuuut! WTF!" Eventually we deleted all of it, and re-do the whole thing! Our hearts felt like dropping out as we really put our whole heart and thoughts in it and then, it's all gone down the drain!! This doesn't stop here. It's just one question. We still have like 2-3 more questions. And what's worst is that one of the question consist of 33 marks! How can we complete the project on time when we took hours and hours to do just the 6 marks question? Oh God. Guide us along and give us the strength to face all the challenges.

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