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Sunday, May 22, 2011


As what I said yesterday, today I went to meet my girls to do the BCS project. Met them at 11.30am at Tampines Retail Park to do our research, not on portable media players('cos we can't find them), but on notebook computers. Noted it down on our papers and did a few comparisons and all. The funny thins is that we look like those pirmary school kid back then, where we go for excursion and there's a task that we need to complete. Haha. Hilarious! After that, Chloe And Hidayah went to eat BBQ Chicken for their brunch and I had to eat my home food(need to save ka-ching!) Went to Starbucks to transfer our research on the Excel Spreadsheet, however Hidayah's and my lappy's battery somehow "dying". So we had to transport ourselves to the library, hoping that we can find a socket to charge our laptops. As what we thought, there's barely any space for us or any available socket. After a few minutes waiting in the library for someone to actually leave the library, I roamed around to find available sockets. At last, I found one. However it never crossed my mind wondering why no one's there to use the socket. Afterwards, Hidayah came searching for a socket as well. She found one for herself too. As we were happily typing and discussing, the security came. "You are not allowed to use the socket. And you are not allowed to sit on the floor. That's the reason why we put up this notice." As he pointed to one of the notice on the window pane. We basically overlooked it and well, anyway, who would bother looking at the notices if we are really desperately looking for a socket to charge our laptops to do our projects??!! After the warning, we got off and went to Chloe's house to finish up the whole project. Although it took us almost 7 hours, it still paid off as we finally accomplished our task.

And ouh, not forgetting. When I was on my way back home to the bustop near SAFRA, a chinese boy, at the back of the bicycle's seat, turned his head (purposely), to my direction and smiled widelly at me. Haha. I smiled back of course, and laughed at myself while crossing the road. Haha. Adorable! I wonder how he will be like in future? Smiling to all the girls. Aww! Flirtatious! Haha!

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