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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I was just looking back at our photos and also those epic videos. I smiled, I laughed and I teared. I really miss those times where we did the most craziest things ever. Dancing and jumping in town with our school uniform after exams, eating cup noodle by the road at Orchard, dancing to K-pop songs before results day, lip singing to the chipmunks/chipettes songs and always break into the handicapped toilet to take lots of photos together so that nobody realize. Haha. At this moment while I'm writing my blog, I'm still laughing to myself. But, seriously, I would say, only God knows how much I miss you girls. Only He knows how much I want to have you guys back with me. Though we still have each other contacts, but truthfully, it's really hard for me to get back to you guys. I'm sure it's the same for both of you. Because we all have met new people in life. Things have change, so are we. Sometimes I thought to myself, wondering if we will ever be together again. I know it's impossible but I really hope that miracles can happen. Let us pray for our friendship to last, for our sisterhood to bond back and that we can go back to the time where we used to be and known as The Trios. Just know that no one can ever replace you guys.

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