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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Shuts man! The fever really spreads from one to another! From Firdaus to Firman to Camellia to Firhan and now to Me!! Haha. But it's kinda funny all of us are sick together! The reason why it got spread was because Firdaus and Firman didn't cover their mouth when they cough. Besides that, me and my sister were caught in the rain and both of us have always been having sleepless nights. That's why we are all sick! Sad to say school starting on Monday. The feeling of excitement have lost since I'm all sick now. Yesterday, at relative's chalet @ Aloha, at about 10.30pm, suddelny my whole body felt super lerthagic. I could feel needles poking around my shoulder and my legs. Then my head starts to spin and it felt like as if I've got migrain. One side of my head hurts a lot. Manage to lie myself down on the couch. Thankfully Firhan cried a lot as he was feeling sleepy. So we quickly left the chalet. I, myself, can't even wait to get back home to lie myself down on my bed. Well, I'v been resting a lot trying to gain back my energy for school on Monday. Just that for now, I've lost my voice. Tedious for me to communicate with people.

Supposedly, today, I'm meeting Deana, but had to cancel it. Damn! It's been a long time since I met her! Miss her a lot though.

Well, that's all for now. Goodbye! :D

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