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Sunday, November 8, 2009

What happened to you?

Why am I crying? I was so strong for the past few weeks. I did kept my promise for him. Sorry, but i had failed now. But why are you acting this way to me?? You seem to be hiding something from me. You said you will be busy with your studies, but no!! You're busy with floorball!! Huh?? What is this? Floorball..i get it, tournaments and stuffs. But no time to msg? I still kept your msg saying, i will text you when im free. Are you like 24/7 busy? Not even sparing that one minute to text me? Friends said the same thing to me. Has your love for me has gone?? Where is it? What did you told me that day?? Why are you doing this to me???? I understand your situation when you told me that you will need a break between two of us due to your studies. You needed to concentrate more, plus your busy schedule. But, what i've seen was like everything about floorball. So, are you asking me to leave you for 6 months beacause of your busy schedule or because of floorball?? ARGH!! Can you clear things up for me?? Or am i suppose to wait for that 6 months? I really pray even after that 6 months, you will come back to me again. Just dn't leave me thinking. I'm seriously bewildered!! Gosh,help me! ARGHHH!!!!!!!!!


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