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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wishing it could happen

Back here blogging again..Feeling lartagic and restless. Just finish part of my exam. Mother tongue, English and Social Studies are finally over..(for now). Now i'm left with Science, Math, Geography and DnT. Err!! Just can't belive that im seating for 'N' level examinations. The feeling of stepping into the air-conditioned hall gave me goose bumps. It arose as i sashayed to my seat. Listening to the invigilator repeating the same rules over and over agin.."Candidates are reminded not to bring unathorised devices...."blah blah blah. Irritating, but what to do. My hands will get all sweaty. Shaking hands with each other, wishing all the best for their paper. As soon as the paper begins, i flipped open the paper, checking thoroughly the number of pages..(like how we usually did for all exams). Once done, i get started. Always chasing the time and tried to follow the pace. Time is running fast. Must catch it! "Pens down!" The voice of the invigilator pierced through my ears, and rings me off. Stopped everything and waited for the teachers to retrieve the papers back. I shuddered due to the cold surroundings. Looking at my peers around me. Deep in their faces. How have they done? How have I done?? Wondered. As soon as we were released from that hall, sounds of tears and mumbling could be heard. My friends would approached me and asked how i did. They didn't seem confident at all. Not at all. I tried to boost it up and encouraged them to think optimistcly, but not too over. My feelings were confused I'm not sure how to describe the papers that i've sat. I could only mute myself and said it was all average. I may not seem worried, but that doesn't mean im not. I'm just bewildered. Hoping that i could pass my exams with flying colours. Hoping that my wishes will come true. Leaving the school, putting my secondary school uniform aside, and jumped up high after graduation. Smiling as wide as i can, like i never did before. Holding hands together in the parade of joy. Tears of happiness that filled my eyes. These are the moments that i wished i could experience. Just wishing it all to happen.....

Moments with you,will always lingered in my mind.

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